About us

Mountain Vapors is a vape shop ran out of eastern Kentucky. We have three B&M stores, two in Pikeville, Ky and the one in Paintsville, Ky. 

We believe in simplifying the process of purchasing vapor products. From our B&M shops, to here on our website, we stray from fancy gimmicks and flashy adverts. We want to provide you with the most casual purchasing experience you'll find in the e-cig world.

We opened our first store on November 14th, 2014. It quickly blossomed into eastern Kentucky's favorite vape shop. Thanks to our great employees, top tier customer service, and broad product selection, we have won local awards, helped thousands of people, and secured great friendships.

www.mountainvapors.net was launched on 1/5/17 in an effort to extend our services to the rest of the world. We hope to meet your expectations and satisfy your vaping needs!

Team Members

  • Ryan Hall
  • Joshua Spartman
  • Keith Hall
  • Austin Morgan
  • Kade Ramsey
  • Ryan Parker
  • Stephanie Hall
  • Travis Caudill
  • Jarek Burke
  • Tylan Tackett
  • Julia May

Have any questions? email us at support@mountainvapors.net




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