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Pod Juice InstaPod 280mAh Prefilled Disposable Pod Device 1.4MLFlavors:Jewel MintJewel Mint is a menthol masterpiece. After trying dozens upon dozens of different minty profiles, Pod Juice came up with a fresh mint flavor. The inhale is a super cool frost,...

Pod Juice InstaPod 280mAh Prefilled Disposable Pod Device 1.4ML


Jewel Mint
Jewel Mint is a menthol masterpiece. After trying dozens upon dozens of different minty profiles, Pod Juice came up with a fresh mint flavor. The inhale is a super cool frost, while the exhale comes out as a slightly sweet mint profile. This flavor is incredibly popular with menthol smokers and those who simply want a refreshing experience. Jewel Mint's minimalist flavoring makes it an excellent additive and mixer with other salt juices. Please be aware, every time you vape this flavor, a polar bear is spontaneously regenerated.

Pink Burst
Pink Burst is our newest concoction of the juiciest mouthwatering pink squares. The sweet and extraordinarily tangy strawberry flavor will burst into your mouth with each and every inhale. Pod Juice utilize the smoothest salt nicotine formula for more taste, at the same time preserving that amazing head rush!

Blue Raspberry
The best blue raspberry salt nicotine you will try! This mouth-quenching flavor is intended for all-day vaping. This juice is so good that people have been named their children after this flavor. Actually, no. But the flavor is so tasty they really should.

Watermelon Blast
Watermelon Blast is a dynamic ripe watermelon that will soothe your taste buds! Unlike other watermelon flavors, Pod Juice created a watermelon profile that wasn't "flat and boring." This flavor includes subtle fruit flavoring tones to create a lasting delicious flavor without compromising on the watermelon theme. The flavors made in this juice makes your vaping experience slightly harsher and more robust for those looking for a little more throat kick.

Jewel Tobacco
Jewel Tobacco is the result of months of testing and tinkering to produce the richest, smoothest tobacco flavor you will ever try. Whether you’re a former smoker searching for the ultimate earthy, oaky flavor to satisfy your cravings - or a vaper looking for the silkiest Virginia Tobacco notes in your pod system- Jewel Tobacco is what you were looking for all along. Try the best tobacco salt nics today!

Jewel Mango
Jewel Mango is the best mango salt nic that you will ever try. Jewel Mango is straight up perfection.Mango fever is prevalent throughout the vaping world and we know you’ve attempted multitudes of mango flavors just to leave you unfulfilled and completely dissatisfied. At Pod Juice we share your struggle for the pursuit of the perfect mango.

Jewel Fuji Nektar
Jewel Fuji Nektar Disposable is the treasure we found at the end of a long quest for the ultimate elixir of vaping joy. After searching far and wide for the greatest sweet, fruity, and ever so slightly tart fuji apple-nectarine flavor, we finally met an old master who promised to train us in the ways of supreme vaping wisdom. The Pod Juice crew was then taught the delicate balance of the Southern Nectarine style, the sweet power of Northern Fuji-Apple-fu, and after mixing it all with our legendary Smooth Salt Nic-chin, we emerged through the Clouds of Domeness carrying this Jewel of Great Power. Be careful, young grasshopper! This amazing juice has led many to abandon all other flavors

Strawberry Lemonade
A perfect blend of fresh strawberys and everyone's favorite lemonade.

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